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#5 of Lawlor’s Trends for 2012

In this final installment of our series on the key forces shaping the higher education marketplace for 2012, we share why The Lawlor Group identified this as our concluding trend:

Trend Five: People are expressing discontent with higher education.

Every single day in our work with enrollment management and marketing professionals at private colleges and universities throughout the country, we witness the passion and dedication with which they serve their institutions’ constituents. And while we’re confident that the students they meet recognize their authentic reflection of their institution’s core values (to enrich lives and contribute to the common good), we worry about the public skepticism that exists prior to making these personal connections.

The statistics we cite show that too many Americans are either disillusioned with or left out of the higher education system. But as with our other four trends, the flip side of this situation presents an opportunity for colleges and universities, which we also identify at the link above.

We hope “Trends for 2012: Five Marketplace Realities and How Private Higher Education Must Manage Them” has given you plenty of food for thought. And please share those thoughts, if you’d like, in the comments below! What have we nailed or missed, from your perspective?