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HighEdWeb Meets Portlandia

Our digital strategist, Brendan Mayer, attended HighEdWeb 2014 in Portland, OR. He shares a few reflections and takeaways from the event.

A Balancing Act for Small Private Colleges: Prestige and Affordability

In the minds of prospective students and their families, what’s the best way for a college to balance its prestige and affordability?

Summer Seminar: Gallup’s Brandon Busteed on the “Educonomy”

“We have K-12, higher ed, and employers. And they’re all in castles with massive moats between them, when they ought to have a seamless, symbiotic relationship,” said Brandon Busteed, executive director of Gallup Education.

Summer Seminar: University of Denver’s James Griesemer on Strategic Issues in Higher Education

“The nature of change going on in higher education requires change at the most fundamental levels from an institutional perspective,” said Jim Griesemer, director of the strategic issues program, dean emeritus, and professor of management at the University of Denver.

Summer Seminar: Christensen Institute’s Michelle Weise on What Disruptive Innovation Means for the Future of Higher Education

“When we talk about disruption, we have to remember that it’s not just about technology,” said Michelle Weise, senior research fellow for higher education at the Clayton Christensen Institute.

Summer Seminar: Wake Forest’s Andy Chan on Mission-Critical Career Development

“It is truly harder now for young adults to get a job. And there are fewer ‘good’ jobs out there,” said Andy Chan, vice president for personal and career development at Wake Forest University. So he argued that career development should become mission-critical at colleges and universities.

Summer Seminar: Harvard Fellow Rey Junco on Using Social Media to Retain Students

“Even when they’re just messing around, students use social media naturally for informal and implicit learning,” said Rey Junco, associate professor of education and human computer interaction at Iowa State University and fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

Summer Seminar: Iconoculture’s Katie Elfering on the Minds of Today’s Students

“The Millennials want the best of both worlds, so that means you have to give them affordability and value,” said Katie Elfering, senior director and consumer strategist for Millennials, Media/Entertainment/Technology, and E-Retail at Iconoculture.

Summer Seminar: Augustana President Steve Bahls on Shared Governance

“We need to build a better value proposition in higher education,” advised Steve Bahls, president of Augustana College (Illinois). “And if faculty, administrators, and trustees are operating in silos and not talking with each other, then we’re not building colleges and universities that are sustainable.”

Summer Seminar: Moody’s Eva Bogaty on the Shifting Landscape of U.S. Higher Education

“To call them ‘the four horsemen’ sounds a bit alarmist,” said Eva Bogaty, “but …” Bogaty, vice president–senior analyst on Moody’s Higher Education and Not-of-Profit Team, was referring to the four main drivers of Moody’s negative outlook for the higher education industry over the next 12 to 18 months.